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Competing online has changed...


Studies show it only takes one-tenth of a second for someone to draw conclusions about you based on your photo.


Your success, your influence, your reach is directly connected to how you are perceived.    


Your headshot acts as your your brand ambassador getting the word out about you before you say a word.


It is crucial to have a visual image that is instantly conveyed as on brand, ready, and relevant to get high-level clients + opportunities so you don't get passed over before you have the chance to open your mouth.


I created the 30-page eBook How To Look Great in Photos so you can learn the 10 Key Ways to help you stand out in a crowded market.



The book is available for immediate download.


Get the attention you deserve and supercharge your business by having headshots that
position you in the best light to be seen an Influencer.   


It's your time to say YES to your Success! Your complimentary copy of the 30-page How To Look Great in Photos + a Star Power Assessment  call has a combined value $247 but it is FREE for you for a limited time!

Why listen to me when it comes to your visual image?   


All my tips come from my real world professional experience.   

Being a style expert and personal brand success strategist is the combination of getting your visual and brand message in sync. 


Previously to be being the founder of, I was a well-known New York fashion stylist on major photo shoots for 15 years, where I styled everything from Vogue covers to advertising campaigns for cheesy products that I made look so good that you would actually want to buy them.  


I picked up a lot working on big photo shoots but wanted to reach everyday women so they can learn to do for themselves with the knowledge I learned from working with models, celebrities, and household name brands so I created by own business plan.


Yet with all my pro experience even I was afraid to get out as the face of my business.  


It all changed when I figured out how to take my own photos for the COVER of my book, StyleWORD: Fashion Quotes For Real Style that reached #1 in two bestselling categories.


Now I help others to learn how to take fantastic photos with just what they have on hand.


As a bootstrapping entrepreneur with a business degree in Marketing and a graduate of an extensive amount of business and personal development programs and high-level masterminds, my advice is based on how I successfully run my online business since 1999.


Empowering everyday women to think like a stylist to confidently dress themselves to shine was a dream so I pitched a syndicated column where my fashion advice was distributed to 400 newspapers each week on the Scripps Howard News Wire.    



No stranger to being media-friendly, my work or I have been featured in close to 1,000  press outlets as the go-to expert such as Real Simple,, Martha Stewart Radio,, ELLE,, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, WebMD, Disney,, and many more.    


I have even starred in my own national Macy’s TV commercial and headlined in an anthology lifestyle book alongside other writers like President Jimmy Carter and Gloria Steinem.  


I've been on all sides of media and as a business owner, and don't forget, I was afraid to be out there as the face of my brand.  




I figured out how to make photos painless and powerful and wrapped it up in this 30-page cheat sheet so you can do it on your own too!


All you need to do to start to create winning images that authentically position you for success is to say...



YES, I want to learn the 10 Key Ways that make an amazing headshot!

Your complimentary copy of the 30-page How To Look Great in Photos + a Star Power Assessment  call has a combined
value $247 but it is FREE for you for a limited time!

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