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The most successful brands are following the lead of celebrities and influencers by creating an authentic public image that helps them scale their audience.

And it all starts with photos.

The best part is anybody with the vision to amplify their business can do this with exactly what they have at hand...


Even if you hate having your photo taken, feel camera shy, or self-conscious about your appearance these days.


People are connecting with real people right now.


Not the made-up, fabricated images that were so popular a few years ago.


That’s good for you.


Now the best way to connect with your tribe is to be as authentic as you can… no splashy fake imagery… no make-believe fantasy shoots.


Just you. The beautiful human being with so much to share.

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In today's crowded market it takes MORE than expertise to stand out.


It takes the right visual message to get the attention of exactly who you want to attract.


Connection is formed when you're perceived as the most authentic best version of you.


People relate to real people- not fake photos.


But being "real" can be very scary. It once was for me.

Until I figured out how to position myself for success-- in the most natural way-- that creates a magnetic bond with my audience.


I've created the perfect mini course in to get you going without fancy equipment or hiring a big photographer. 

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