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------- Brand New From Sharon Haver  -------



If You Really Want To Position Yourself As The Go-To Expert In Your Niche, Read This
(So You Can Successfully Stand Out In Today's Saturated Online Market)


My Dear Friend,


I have a cutting-edge secret I want to share with you...


If you want to get noticed by the right audience and tired of seeing your competitors (even those with less experience than you) attract your clients, this could be the most eye-opening letter you will ever read.


But before we begin...



Something Very Important



Most people think the best way to go about this is to hire a professional photographer.


That’s not what this letter is about.


This letter is ultimately about doing it yourself.


The reason that’s important is because people relate to the real you more.


Being “Real” Online Was Hard

For Me At First

Yet I was able to transform my business in a way that I never thought possible.


If you find yourself falling flat gaining the dazzling results you want, there's a strategy that's so straightforward that it's easy to overlook.


Authentic Visual Storytelling...


Photos that act like a beacon to attract exactly who you want to attract are my secret sauce.


There is no “one size fits all” approach to amplifying your online presence and brand in today's modern world.


Yet in that very bold statement lies exactly what makes it…



Unique To You



You’re in the right place if you want to...


Reach a maximum connection with your most profitable and aligned audience in a snap without having to hire a bajillion people.


Not have to pretend to be anyone other than your true self, even if you're not a model or camera-shy.


I created a system based on exactly what I did that could help you out, more on that in a bit.



You Probably Should Know This



This isn’t my first rodeo-  I’m a “tell it like it is” kind of gal-- and--15 years of my life were spent on big photos shoots...


I styled everything from Vogue covers to making polyester sweats look so good that you would actually want to wear them- crazy but true.


And besides that, I have a B.B.A. degree in Marketing. The business education was handy when I founded in 1999.


It was great.


I was truly a mompreneur enjoying quality family time-- while growing a successful online business



Until The Big Shift Happened



Influencers took over.


At first the whole “influencer” idea seemed like a passing fad.


Until they took over the marketplace.


Their ubiquitous presence buried people who had years of experience.


Yet, the original influencer "posing" bandwagon was not for me.


Nor was I going to make do with a generic passport-like business photo. 


The whole image hoopla was looking bleak at first.


Even though I knew how critical it is to...

  • Show a personality
  • Differentiate myself, my brand and my business
  • Not get lumped into the masse

Essentially, in today’s modern business world...


You can no longer “hide” behind your business or be “behind the scenes” if you choose to align with your most profitable audience so you can scale.

It's ironic that big corporations are trying to 'humanize' themselves because they know we don't trust them yet real people like you and me are doing just the opposite.


Here's the non-negotiable...


You have to be known as a human.


Even if you’re an introvert, not a model, or a normal everyday soul like me and you.


Here's the weird part...


My work or I have been in the media nearly 1,000 times.


Yet when it came to rebranding my business, doing the “photo thing” made me feel a little weird and uncomfortable.

I had to figure out how to not feel inadequate as the center of attention.


It was critical that I do....


Something Simple With Maximum Impact


If I wanted to be relatable yet aspirational to my most profitable audience.



If Superstars Can Do It Why Can’t I?



Clearly, I wasn’t a model, celebrity or mega guru...


So being in front of the camera made me feel self conscious. 


But I felt that if the famous people that I followed on social media showed up as themselves, why can't I?


The ease and confidence were infinitely more aligned with how I felt comfortable in getting out there and being myself.


Voilà- a new solution to my photo dilemma.


It worked. And it was stress-free.


I found that entrepreneurs and so many others out there were making a horrible mistake.


They were trying to have complicated branding photo shoots to position themselves like a “celebrity” in these staged and overly produced photos.





The Big Names Are Doing Just The Opposite And Being Real


The entrepreneur trend for "branding" shots looked forced and contrived.


But why would someone create a wall between themselves and their most profitable audience?


By doing just that, they’d be hiding behind a staged persona like an actor in a play rather than authenticallybeing themselves which is...


Exactly what draws their ideal audience to them.


Kinda like shooting yourself in the foot on the way to the finish line.


I discovered something else...


Let’s Just Call This A Happy,

Profitable Accident


It started with the cover of my now best-seller book.


I had to get photos to the printer and couldn’t procrastinate anymore.


Rather than hire someone and explain to them how I want my photos to look,  I just took the photos myself...

I started with a rented camera that I couldn’t figure out how to operate so I switched to my iphone and laptop webcam.




People were shocked that photos so amazing did not involve hiring a photographer.


But wait-- there's more. A lot more. I got the bug.


I started taking my own photos for everything- social media posts, memes, quote cards, blog posts, publicity images, video covers, you name it.


Elevated selfies became my easy secret.


They turned into my little opportunity magnets that produced big results.



I Didn’t Have Only One Photo That I Used So Much That People Tuned Out But An Endless Library of Choices




I could produce so many different headshots whenever I needed them…


Without dealing with a photographer or the expense of a really good one who could make these photos look natural rather than staged.


I’ll tell you more about this in a bit.


Really-- setting up these shots becomes intuitive and super easy once you know how.


It’s all about getting and keeping the attention of your ideal audience, prospects, customers and clients until they are ready to open their wallets and buy into you.


Not to mention it's what works in today’s modern market.


And guess what?


These type of visual storytelling headshots create the magnetic bond with your best audience- because birds of a feather flock together.


Plus-- you are being authentically true to yourself.


I call that a win-win.



Who Needs This Amazing Secret?



Basically everyone who is ever online, especially for business.


Someone who is a:

  • Solopreneur
  • Entrepreneur
  • Coach
  • Consultant
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Course Creator
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Expert
  • Blogger
  • Service Provider
  • Free-lancer
  • Small Business Owner
  • Or desires to come across as your most authentic best in photos

And this is good for those of you who use photos for promotional reasons like ads, book covers, speaker one-sheets, publicity, sponsorships and affiliates, business cards, the list goes on.  

It's Amazing For Videos Too!


There's nothing worse than saying all the right things but the video is so distracting or off-brand that no one pays attention to you.


It's critical to take a still shot before you press record.


Photos also strategically set up the composition for your videos.


This way you don't go through the trouble of filming yourself only to be perceived in not the most advantageous way.


It's time to say goodbye to auto generated weirdo thumbnails on your video covers too because now you can upload your own best shot.


Your Visual Message Speaks Louder Than Words


  • FACT: Studies show that in merely one-tenth of a measly second people form opinions of you based on your photos.
  • FACT: Potential clients need just three seconds to decide whether or not they like you and are willing to do business with you in the future.
  • FACT: To position yourself for success, you first need to understand that our brains our visual instruments (making over 35,000 decisions daily).


This is why...


Your photos, and the first impressions they make, can have a lasting and deep impact on the future of how you and your business are perceived.


In short...


 You’re A Swipe Right For Exactly The Audience, Clients, And Opportunities You Want To Attract--  Or Not


Don’t forget-- people kept asking me who took my photos.


They were shocked that it was only me and mostly my phone-- that's the secret sauce to real authenticity.

Time and time again, I found myself explaining how to...

  • Determine what your most profitable audience actually wants to see.
  • Stay on brand without being cheesy.
  • Take stunning on brand photos with just what you have.
  • Be relevant so you don’t date yourself out of the market.
  • Become your own best photographer even if you can’t use a camera.

Suddenly my business focus shifted because I became an authority on brand authenticity. 

It lead to being featured in more media, more clients, more buzz, more revenue.

All from taking my own photos and showing others how to do the same.

The more I was asked about my process and saw…

The incredible boost these photos provide to elevate my brand and bring in exactly the kind of people I knew I could help with my programs and services.

I started to document the process.

Each step from brand building to how to set up the right kind of shot and be the best at being you without any photography skills or even fancy equipment was laid out to help others do exactly what I was doing.




I Realized That My Crazy Idea Wasn’t Just A Simple Tip



Think about it...


Photos that actually help promote you and your business are infinitely more profound than just any old picture because...

These headshots help "sell" you to your best, most profitable audience by being magnetic to just the people you want to attract.


The reason why I was able to create an advanced breakdown that goes deeper than the photo itself is I learned a ton about branding an image to "sell" on photo shoots for 15 years.


Magazine covers, ads, and catalogs are there to create the desire for you to buy the product, whether it be aspirational or service.


It's the same need we have in our imagery for our business growth.


I also learned how to finesse a shot:

  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Angle
  • Fashion Styling
  • Camera-Ready Makeup, Hair, and Beauty
  • Setting and Set Design
  • Visual Message
  • Brand Story
  • And all that good photographer stuff...

WITHOUT going crazy or using a fancy camera...


But just with what I had at hand.


Then you add my entrepreneurial business background and marketing degree to make it all come together, so the process becomes pretty simple to replicate.


It’s not just me.


Anyone Can Learn To Do

EXACTLY What I Did...

Branding Photos Simplified, the NEW Way...



Create AUTHENTIC photos that help you SCALE your business and CONNECT with your best (and most PROFITABLE) audience, with
the proper training.



I put these golden nuggets together on video, in screens shares, and on worksheets in a very step-by-step way where each lesson builds upon the one before.


There's a system for it:

💎The process is what I call SAH, “Simply Amazing Headshots: How To Authentically Tell Your Story From The Collar Up.”


💎SAH uses the secrets I discovered behind the scenes on countless photoshoots as a New York stylist and tweaks them to be everyday easy.


💎Even though as the introverted face of my business, I was able to stop being "behind the scenes" and get in front of the camera because…



Your Photo Acts As Your Brand Ambassador Telling Your Story Before You Get To Say A Word

Believe me...


If I can master not only feeling confident on camera but creating an endless bounty of photos to attract my best audience, so can you.


I was the guinea pig to take out the stress and simplify the process for you.

Here's How.

This is just a fraction of what's inside the 41+ transformational training videos, including what it might mean to you and your business:

Profile Pic SuperStar: The Power Of Your Image



    • Break through brand brain fog by getting crystal clear on authentic visual storytelling.
    • How to use authentic visual storytelling to your best advantage to be seen as the go-to expert, influencer, or thought leader in your business.
    • Understand how to visually tell a story in every single one of your photos so they become a subliminal magnet to attract your ideal audience.
    • Figure out when it’s OK to be “slice of life” and when to look PRO, if you really want to bond with your audience.
    • Master the three ways to transform yourself into your own art director without having to go to design school.
    • Say so long to the same stiff photos by conceptualizing your brand’s personal story into imagery - and bring it to life on social media.
    • Get with it because being modern + relevant ultimately impacts your bottom line and profitability- this is The NEW Norm!

    Headshot Do’s and Don’ts: What You Must Do and What You Must Avoid for Pro Results 



      • Create the three different types of headshots, even if you're not a photography genius, and where to use them for maximum impact.
      • Never feel like a deer in the headlights when you know how to find inspiration before you even turn the camera on.
      • Everyone loves a blooper except when it's on you- identify the most common photo mistakes and the easy hacks to avoid them.
      • Over-my-shoulder screen shares of real examples and tips to keep your photos creative and on brand.
      • You may not be a model but you can model what works to benefit you with mainstream examples and walkthroughs to stay on top of your game.

      Stylist Secrets To Being Your Own Glam Squad



        • The one thing I learned on 15 years of photos shoots with models, actors, and even beauty contestants is that almost nobody woke up that way- but you can certainly appear like you did with certain simple shifts to be magnetic to your best audience.
        • The 80/20 Rule of Realness: Ohhhh, we love to soak up what goes on in other people lives so you can stop guessing when it’s OK to be “slice of life,"  and only when to look PRO.
        • How to slice and dice for the most flattering and interesting shot by cropping your photos like a pro.
        • The best kept style secrets from a legit stylist on what to wear and what not wear on camera so you can find that perfect outfit without pulling your hair out or spending a fortune on a new wardrobe.
        • The truth about on-camera makeup - what to avoid + what always works so you can look like you, only better (no plastic surgeon needed).
        • What to avoid when shooting with your brand colors even if you're not a style maven.
        • On set stylist hacks to instantly fake a good fit without needing a tailor.
        • Think you need a ton of new clothes for special photos, Right? Wrong!
          How you can rent, borrow, or (maybe) buy, plus shop your closet without buying a thing to get the look for less.

        • When it’s OK to accessorize and when to say enough is enough
        • We're going to go there... the right underwear is critical to the right fit.
        • Definitive guide to the best clothing for your specific photo needs so you never look out of place, outdated, or off brand again.

        Lights/Camera/Computer/ Phone Action!



          • The truth about lighting and how critical it is to set the tone (and have you look like a million bucks... or not).
          • Look younger with the right light that can take 5-10 years off your appearance.
          • You must have a professional camera and a ton of equipment, right? WROOOONG!
          • The three main lighting setups that are the bread and butter of professional photographers and how to work with them on a budget in your space.
          • The two major zero cost ways to get natural light to work in your favor.
          • Little things with major impact: Bounceboards and other lighting hacks to save $$$ and time
          • Beginners buying guide to the best and affordable lighting equipment available today that you can use at home, in your office, or on the go.

          Set Up For Success: Details Are Everything



            • What to do if you can’t get in the mood, 5 ways to pump up your energy!
            • 4 body language tips that real models will never share.
            • Angles you should always avoid when taking close ups
            • Say goodbye to forced, stiff poses - once and for all

            The Truth In Going Personal Pro: Post Production



              • If you don't get it exactly right you need to know easy retouching for touch ups!
              • The best photo apps to help you get that Pro look without hiring out.
              • Storage and organization: The best ways to build your photo library.


              There's Additional BONUSES
              But First A Head's Up...


              This Is Not For Everybody


              Some people like big branding shoots.


              I get it-- being the center of attention on a photo set is very cool.


              You get the photographer, a couple of assistants, hair, makeup, a stylist, rented or bought clothes, maybe a manicurist, possibly a location fee, and a catered lunch.


              I did some Googling...


              • Depending on where you live, the cost of a good branding shoot is usually upwards of $3500.
              • A better photographer is upwards of $5K,  PLUS the cost of the glam squad.
              • You can find brand photographers starting at $2100 in smaller areas.


              If it's a full day and there's zero dilly-dallying-- tops, you can do about 8-10 fast outfit variations; usually half that.


              You might not even own your photos outright and have to credit them with their watermark in your work!


              You'll eventually-- after editing and retouching (sometimes extra)--
              get enough photos to last about a month of content without getting redundant. You can't keep repeating the same outfit, same location.


              You need more photos?


              Rinse and Repeat. 


              Now if the "branding shoot" is something that you still want to plan, organize, and implement, that's good for you.


              However, it's critical that you know how to exactly convey how you want to be seen (in your mind, not theirs) and what results you are after to your photographer. SAH will give you what you need to get more hits than misses on your next shoot.


              Or, you can also go to a big box store portrait studio...

              • Step onto your mark, snap, go to the cashier. 
              • Kinda a generic procedure. 
              • Maybe you'll get a descent photo, probably not so hot.


              In either scenario...

              What You Have Is NOT Authentic.

              If you absolutely want to do that kind of thing, it's ok for about 20% of the time.


              In today's social and reality TV driven world...


               It's critical that 80% of the time you are your most authentic self to really bond with your audience.

              So you may think, "why can't I just pick up and phone and take my own photos now?"


              That's a logical response.




              Word To The Wise

              You can't take any old photo and expect it to be magnetic.


              I spent 15 years on photo shoots learning the "ins and outs" of what makes a photo appealing to others. And what does not.


              If the composition is funky, or you look uncomfortable, or off brand, or weird and creepy, or boring... well, you ruin all your other efforts.


              Research shows that we are an image based culture- our visual message creates a more powerful memory than words alone.


              Your headshots must send the right message to be aligned with your authentic visual storytelling-- so you're real but look like you know what you're doing.

              Expertise Is No Longer Enough To

              Stand Out In A Crowded Market



              If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and losing confidence because you see other people getting the attention, tribe and clients you're after while you feel like you're spinning your wheels, going no where and scared  


              Well,  it can get worse if you don’t do something different.


               If no idea what the missing link is, you just found it! 


              Simply Amazing Headshots is your fast track to:

              • Be front and center in your unique brand
              • Show up on your terms, for your values
              • Just the way you are today because your people want to see themselves in the real you
              • Not have to depend on, hire, or organize a team to get you there
              • Get what you want when you need it
              • Become magnetic to your best audience by simply being you

              ​​YES, You're Getting A Lot Of Proven Pro Strategies Systematized With Everyday Tactics So You Can Make An Impact With Your Own On Brand Authentic Photos Right NOW! 


              But that's not all...


              Three Program Levels To Suit Your Needs

              As a Member or Pro Level,
              ou also get ALL these hand-picked Bonuses

              to take your Authentic Visual Storytelling

              to the next level...

              "How To Be Seen" Self-Study Sizzle Master Workshop + Vision Boards, and Guides  (Value $497) 

                Uplevel Your Look + Presence On Stage And Video

                Become the unforgettable speaker that everyone takes note of and wants to buy from, whether you are on stage or on video.

                You don’t need to be a fashionista to know how to elevate your personal brand on stage or in video.

                You just need to be aware that you are sending the right message.

                As the face of your brand, you are its initial compelling commodity.

                If you want to earn the cash you deserve, never forget that it takes under seven seconds to make a first impression– the way you look and present yourself makes an important statement even before you’ve begun to speak


                What you get in the program:

                • Dress to Impress Sizzle Workshop Encore
                • Curated Pinterest Boards To Follow For Real Examples
                • DIY Strategies So You Don't Need To Hire A Stylist
                • How to Be Seen Ebook To Guide You
                • Speaker + Video Style Cheat Sheet For Quick Reference

                Photo Retouching Masterclass

                (value $397)

                  Over 40 minutes of  'over my shoulder' Share My Screen Training demonstrating how you can easily, effectively, and naturally retouch your own photos online with simple tweaks!


                  Pro images are slightly retouched to enhance the subject and remove  anything distracting so you will learn how to effortlessly up level your headshots with minimum effort.

                  Don’t worry if you “don’t get it right” in the original photo when you can correct it in post production!

                  Authentic Superstar Challenge -Lifetime Access

                  (valued at $497)

                    This is the foundation for what we take on in Simply Amazing Headshots.


                    Learn the groundwork to amplify your know, like, and trust factor in a split second by being real.


                    Five Module Video Mini Trainings, Action Sheets, Special Report and Guide.


                    Turn your headshots into money magnets to attract your best ideal audience


                    How to position yourself & step-by-step breakdown how to do it

                    Unlimited Access to the 5-part video course that will Help You Confidently Be Seen So You Can Authentically Attract Your Most Profitable Audience.

                    Photo Tips For Men Masterclass

                    (valued at $397)

                      Build upon everything you learned in this over 30-minute Men-centric class.


                      Guy's gotta look good too so you'll learn the little known secrets to men's headshot photography. 


                      Learn the most relevant trends in mens photography and how to utilize the industry’s best practices for male photography to authentically look on brand and your best.

                      Created for guys but perfect to help you learn how to make your guy shine in photos.

                        Life Time Access To Your Program level + Facebook Group​

                        (valued at $197)

                          Once you are a member of Simply Amazing Headshots, you have Lifetime Access to your level of the program and long as it exists on the server.


                          So many marketing gurus like to charge upgrades when they decide to add things to a program. But you’re in this for keeps, with no update charge.

                          You will have access to the private Facebook Community for peer feedback, critiques, bonding, and quick questions.

                            LIVE POP UP CALLS!

                            (valued at $1997)

                            You're not alone.


                            Pop up calls, based on community need, are a super SWEET SPOT as you get Sharon or her team on the line for hot seats, questions, feedback, and group mentoring.

                            What's Included In All Program Levels

                            Everyone Gets Full Curriculum Access To The Complete Six-Week Course

                            You learn how to not unknowingly project the wrong image but how to position yourself to confidently, efficiently and more effectively create your own own photos, whenever you feel like it or need them--  that authentically act as your brand magnet to charm the attention of your ideal clients.
                            (Possible Side Effect: It's easier to provide for yourself and your family and help more people.)

                            (Program Value $1997)

                            5+ hours of video training


                            Watch Sharon breakdown the exact process to define and implement your authentic visual storytelling.



                            41+ transformational training videos

                            Quick and easy learning videos that builds upon each other so you can implement at your own pace.

                            6 Actionable Worksheets


                            Compliment each weekly module so you can personalize what you learn to your own brand message with interactive exercises to create your own specifications. Plus, 1 Gear Guide. 


                            Authentic Superstar 

                            Lifetime Access to the foundational
                            5-part video course that helps you confidently be seen so you can authentically position yourself to attract your most profitable + aligned audience.

                            Private Membership Site

                            Beautifully designed and easy to navigate program portal so everything is housed under one roof for easy reference.

                            5 Inspiration Boards


                            "Over my shoulder" learning with online Pinterest Board crystal clear examples so you can master your authentic brand image and visual message in your niche.


                            Lifetime Access to Simply Amazing Headshots

                            Unlimited Access to Simply Amazing Headshots Program.

                            No Additional Fee if there there should be a future update to your level.

                            Membership to our Private Facebook Group

                            24/7 Access to our exclusive community Facebook group where you can get feedback and bond with other students!

                            Pop Up Training Calls with Sharon


                            Live training calls with Sharon to further your learning and understanding of the course material.


                            Don't Forget!

                            At Our Most Popular Level Two,
                            You Also Receive Exclusive BONUSES

                            Total Bonuses Valued at $1237!

                            You get full access to the Simply Amazing Headshots program PLUS these exclusive Next Level Bonuses!

                            Over 40 minutes of  'over my shoulder' Share My Screen Training demonstrating how you can easily, effectively, and naturally retouch your own photos with simple tweaks! (Everyone over 12 needs this!!)

                            Build upon everything you learned in this over

                            30-minute Men-centric class. 
                            Created for guys but perfect to help you learn how to make

                            your guy shine in photos (without looking stiff or posed).

                            Uplevel Your Look + Presence On Stage And Video

                            Become the unforgettable speaker that everyone takes note of and wants to buy from, whether you are on stage or on video. Guidance for speaking on stage, sizzle real or video presentations.

                            At Level Three, You Also Get Our Eyes On Your Brand Imagery With Private Business Mentorship

                            Everything from the Member level, PLUS...

                             PLUS 3 months of Private One on One Private Mentoring with

                            Sharon and Team FoS

                            Mentorship Duration: 90 Days


                            One-on-One Private Kickoff Call with me over Skype during which I will evaluate your business assets, visual storytelling, and assess your social media and brand imagery. (90 minutes)


                            One One-on-One Private Coaching Call- Social media evaluation and custom 90-day social media action planning (45 minutes)

                            One One-on-One Private Coaching Call with Sharon and/or Team- Evaluation and next steps. (45 minutes)


                            Full Email Access to Sharon and/or Team during EST Business hours

                            SOS Calls for specific emergencies during EST Business hours

                            BONUS: Lifetime Access to the C’est Chic Crash Course- When you feel confident about how you look, you shine more. Particularly on camera. My signature 8-week style mentoring home study program guides you to dress so that your success or the success you want to happen shows on the outside so you can be your own stylist in charge of how you show up in the most authentic way.  (Value $997)

                            HERE'S WHAT TO DO NEXT...

                            ​Choose Your Level​


                            SIMPLY AMAZING HEADSHOTS- THE COURSE: LEVEL 1
                            (Value $1997)


                            41+ Training Videos / 6 Modules

                            Learn from Sharon with quick and easy transformational and instructional videos that builds upon each other.


                            Delivered weekly for six weeks so you can implement at your own pace.


                            6 Actionable Worksheets


                            Compliment each weekly module with interactive exercises to create your own specifications. Plus, 1 Gear Guide. ​

                            Authentic Superstar Lifetime Access- BONUS

                            Lifetime Access to the complete foundational Challenge.  Five Module Video Mini Trainings, Action Sheets, Special Report and Guide.

                            (Value $497)


                            Lifetime Access to Simply Amazing Headshots- BONUS

                              Lifetime Access to your program level with no update charge.

                              (valued at $197)

                              Private Community Facebook Group- BONUS 


                              Access to the private Facebook Community for peer feedback, critiques, bonding, and quick questions.


                              Pop Up Group Calls- BONUS


                              Pop up calls, based on community need, are a super SWEET SPOT as you get Sharon or her team on the line for hot seats, questions, feedback, and group mentoring. 

                              (valued at $1997)


                              MEMBERSHIP: LEVEL 2


                              Photo Retouching Masterclass- BONUS
                              Over 40 minutes of  'over my shoulder' Share My Screen Training demonstrating how you can easily, effectively, and naturally retouch your own photos online with simple tweaks!


                              Pro images are slightly retouched to enhance the subject and remove  anything distracting so you will learn how to effortlessly up level your headshots with minimum effort.
 value $397)



                              Photo Tips For Men Masterclass-BONUS
                              Build upon everything you learned in this over 30-minute Men-centric class. 


                              Created for guys but perfect to help you learn how to make your guy shine in photos.

                              (Value $397)



                              How To Be Seen: Self-Study Sizzle Master Workshop + Vision Boards, and Guides- BONUS

                              Up Level Your Look + Presence On Stage And Video Includes:

                              • Dress to Impress Sizzle Workshop Encore
                              • Curated Pinterest Boards To Follow For Real Examples
                              • DIY Strategies So You Don't Need To Hire A Stylist
                              • How to Be Seen Ebook To Guide You
                              • Speaker + Video Style Cheat Sheet For Quick Reference (Value $497) 



                              90 DAYS PRO MENTORSHIP: LEVEL 3


                              One-on-One Private Kickoff Call #1

                              I will evaluate your business assets, visual storytelling, and assess your social media and brand imagery.


                              As this is private each call is directed to your personal and unique needs. (90 minutes)






                              One-on-One Private Coaching Call #2


                              Social media evaluation and custom 90-day social media action planning. (45 minutes)




                              One-on-One Private Coaching Call with Sharon and/or Team #3


                              Evaluation and next steps. (45 minutes)




                              Full Email Access and SOS Calls! 


                              Have a pertinent question, need feedback? Reach out! 




                              Lifetime Access to the C’est Chic Crash Course - BONUS


                              Look the part, feel like a success! (Value $997)



                              Zero Risk.


                              30-DAY MONEY BACK COURSE GUARANTEE... 

                              We offer refunds to all customers of course or physical products within 30 days of your purchase ONLY if completed proof of work from each module to date are provided. No refunds are offered without proof of participating in the course. 

                              You might be feeling a bit uncertain if this or any new program will work for you. I get it.


                              So I want to take the burden off you.


                              If you do the work and don't see any results, we offer a 100% money back guarantee to all customers within 30 days of your course purchase when you submit your competed work sheets from each module to date. 


                              We stand behind all our offering and know that you will achieve results when you do the course material. That's why proof of completed worksheets is all you need to provide to get a 100% refund.


                              A tremendous amount of thought & effort was put into creating this training. If you properly invested your time and purpose into the trainings and then not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email, with your completed worksheets, anytime during the first 30 days to and we will process your refund.


                              You even get to keep all your downloaded worksheets for free as my gift to you for participating!


                              Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member.


                              No refunds are offered without proof of participating in the course. Fair enough. If you do the work and not getting results, we will 100% refund your money. 


                              One On One Services...


                              Understand that the services provided are based on the experience and expertise of Sharon Haver and/or As style is a matter of personal preference, there is no guarantee that you will agree with the opinions of Sharon Haver and/or


                              Fees paid for the One on-One services are earned for provision of the services and are non-refundable in the event you are dissatisfied with the opinions provided.

                              Some Frequently Asked Questions

                              Why am I giving away the house now?

                              How long does it take to go through the program?

                              Do I need to travel to a live event?

                              How long do I have access to the training material?

                              You have Lifetime Access to the program as long as it remains on the server.


                              If I should every update the program you will receive any and all updates to your program level at no extra charge. I have included this as part of your Bonuses.

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