FREE BRANDING PHOTO CHALLENGE (WORTH $497) - From Style & Online Business Success Expert Sharon Haver, Founder of

Branding Photo Challenge- Authentic Superstar




Authentic Superstar is an incredible business building and branding photo strategy with tactical training 
so you can
 position yourself to be seen as a relatable influencer in your niche.

Challenge valued at $497, No Charge Today!

If you're struggling with increasing your visibility, you're in the right place to learn how to effectively and simply attract ideal clients, customers or followers to scale your audience without stress using what you have at hand.


In today's crowded market it's all about showing up authentically as your best self in photos so you can...


Amplify your know, like and trust bond with exactly the people you want to be magnetic to succeed.

Authentic Visual Storytelling Is The Secret Sauce To Humanize Your Brand's Selling Potential With Your Unique Star Power!

Why Free? I'm waiving the $497 program price as my thank you for being part of my tribe. This is a must-have technique to find your most aligned, and therefore most profitable audience, in today's crowded market.



Includes: One week access to the 5 Daily Training Videos in the Private Membership Portal, Daily Action Sheets, plus 4 Live Bonus Video Training Encores in our private group, and a Masterclass so that you can kickstart the new authentic branding photo principles and hope we can work together in the future.

Here's what you get in the free branding photos challenge.

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The most successful brands are following the lead of

celebrities and influencers by creating an authentic

public image that helps them scale their audience by using

exactly what they have at hand- their phone!


And it all starts with photos.

The best part is anybody with the vision to amplify their business can do this with exactly what they have at hand...


  • Even if you hate having your photo taken, feel camera shy, or self-conscious about your appearance these days.
  • People are connecting with real people right now.
  • Not the made-up, fabricated images that were so popular a few years ago.


That’s good for you.


Now the best way to connect with your tribe is to be as authentic as you can… no splashy fake imagery… no make-believe fantasy shoots.


Just you. The beautiful human being with so much to share.


The super sweet spot is that you probably have exactly the equipment you need with your phone, tablet or web cam.


Here's A Fraction Of What You Get In Authentic Superstar  




What you get in the Authentic Superstar Branding Photo Challenge

Sneak peek of what you get inside of the private Authentic Superstar membership site.

Five (5) transformative training videos, PLUS One (1) Masterclass, and Four (4) Live Bonus Encore Trainings so you can master your most magnetic and on brand visual message to attract your ideal audience, even if you're camera shy or not a model type.

Actionable worksheets compliment each session with simple targeted assignments to make sure you get the most value as you progress with each video training module.

Never feel unsure of your photos before you hit publish with the Private Community Facebook Group so you can get feedback from your peers and the FocusOnStyle Team!


Have you noticed The Shift happening? 


In today's crowded market it takes MORE than expertise to stand out.


It takes the right visual message to get the attention of exactly who you want to attract.


Connection is formed when you're perceived as the most authentic best version of you.


People relate to real people- not fake photos.


But being "real" can be very scary. It once was for me.

Until I figured out how to position myself for success-- in the most natural way-- that creates a magnetic bond with my audience.


I've created the perfect mini course in to get you going without fancy equipment or hiring a big photographer- just with what you have. 

Sharon Haver- Creator of the Branding Photo Authentic Superstar Challenge


Authentic Superstar is valued at $497.00... FREE Access Today!


Here's What Challenge Grads Have To Say,
In Their Own Words...

Thanks for letting me into the AUTHENTIC SUPERSTAR CHALLENGE!!!


Actually I am a Photographer, I learned to develop film and print my own enlargements when I was 13.  I've worked on an off for photographers and on my own projects through the years and have sold lots and lots of photos. 


In taking so many pictures I have just a few of myself with only two worth using.... so I hesitated to start my business for that reason, and you came along with just what I needed.  In the last ten days I've been working and taking three internet courses at the same time with about three or four hours of sleep every night.  I knew I just had to finish your course because I had a feeling there would be a big payoff at the end. 


And there was.


Day 5 answered all the questions I had and filled the holes in my development as a photographer.  


Sure I had always taken good photos of other people, but like you, I just wouldn't turn the camera on myself and I knew that was a very important part of online marketing!!  So thank you Sharon, for stepping in at the right time with the right material for me.


Sharon, you are a real New York Doll and it has been my privilege to learn from you.-- Gerald Koppes

Testimonial from the 5 day branding photo challenge | Authentic Superstar

Wow- I'm completely bowled over. I never realized the importance my photos had on my brand before Authentic Superstar.

I have to admit that I hid behind my one "corporate" photo for years and it really held me make when it came to posting on social media.


Now, I don't have to reply on photo shoots which make me feel silly and use my own imagery to get my message across. Thank you for the challenge.- Ellen K.

Learn how to create your own authentic branding photos without overwhelm

Meet Your Trainer

Sharon Haver believes that style is your personal fingerprint in everything you do... and key to rising above the crowd.


She bootstrapped her online career when she founded the web site in 1999.


Even though she believed she wasn't techie at the time, Sharon learned every aspect of growing and building a digital brand from the inside out. She has successfully rebranded the site to help other entrepreneurs market themselves to grow their business as a personality brand.


In those two decades, she has seen the ebbs and flow of the online market shift. What worked before is old hat now that positioning is the new currency.

She holds a BBA degree in Marketing yet gained attention as a New York fashion photography stylist for 15 years. Sharon styled everything from Vogue covers that featured incredible jewels to making polyester sweats look so good you would want to buy them. (Hint: It's about perception and brand positioning).


Sharon earned her writing chops as a syndicated columnist where her advice was distributed to 400 newspapers each week.

She is the author of a best selling book and has starred as herself in a national TV commercial. Either her work or she have been featured in the media nearly 1,000 times.

Sharon Haver- branding photo, stylist and success mentor as seen in the media.

The depth of Sharon's "behind the scenes" career didn't make her feel any more comfortable when the shift happened...


It became critical to be the face of your brand if you really wanted to stand out in today's saturated market.


Sharon uses her pro experience to her advantage (and to yours) by making getting out there simple, painless, and extremely advantageous.


Reality TV and social media have changed the norms so being strategically real is what bonds you to your best, and therefore most profitable, audience. Let Sharon guide you gain the visibility you need to earn what you deserve in today's crowded market.


Authentic Superstar is valued at $497.00... Yours FREE today!


Use your phone or web cam to take authentic branding photos that convert with your most aligned audience.

In 5 Days Learn The Framework To Authentically Nail Your Visual Message So You Can Instantly Connect With
Your Most Aligned Audience In A Snap!

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